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Paperback, 236 pages.

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Why Jerusalem?

Authors: , Rev. Willem JJ Glashouwer

Product code: B488

The author deals with a number of theological, historical and prophetic aspects of Jerusalem from a biblical point of view, in relation to contemporary history.  He illustrates the central place of the temple, the spiritual roots of Jerusalem; Jerusalem as a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims; Jerusalem and Jesus, Jerusalem as a stumbling block in world politics and Jerusalem`s role in the end times.

The book also provides a chronology of Jerusalem and her history of more than 3,000 years.

This book is part two of the trilogy Why Israel?, Why Jerusalem?, Why End Times?

About the Authors

Rev. Willem JJ Glashouwer

Willem is the president of Christians for Israel International, an ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Church and a former director of the Evanegelical Broadcasting Company in the Netherlands. He is married to Marianne and they have 4 children.