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 Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Major news outlets seem reluctant to mention the source of recent medical breakthroughs ... Read More

 Netanyahu on Minorities in Israel

Earlier this month Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the widespread accusations against Israel ... Read More

 Two States or One?

Donald Trump no longer wants the USA committed to a two-state solution ... Read More

 Recovering from many fires

Israel is now entering into the recovery phase after the outbreak of many fires last week ... Read More

 Brought together by death

The death of Shimon Peres on Wednesday drew tributes from around the world ... Read More

 Tensions Rise again on Temple Mount

Groups of Israelis have been accused of `storming` the Al Aqsa Mosque compound ... Read More

 The greatest smear campaign in history?

Uncomfortable truths lie behind these attacks ... Read More

 Another Deception in the Media War

Claims that a Jewish rabbi has given Jewish settlers permission `to poison water sources` ... Read More

 The complex Israeli reality

People around the world do not understand the complexity of Israel. A new film seeks to change that. ... Read More

 Anti-Semitic Bias in the Media

'Save The West have published a documentary analysing The Huffington Posts coverage ... Read More

 The Daily Terror in Israel

On Sunday a 21-year old Israeli woman became the 21st Israeli to die in the current wave of attacks ... Read More

 Exposing a lie about the real Israel

A member of South Africa's parliament speaks about Israel and Apartheid ... Read More

 Israeli spy: 'bigger picture' made me defect from Hamas

Watch Mosab Hasan Yousef's interview on Channel 4 News ... Read More

 Why Shouldn't Hamas Dig Tunnels?

A response from HonestReporting ... Read More