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 The BBC does listen

What is most troubling about this is not the delay of almost two weeks in correcting ... Read More

 “God had worked extra hours!”

On 3rd May more than 60 people were treated to a vivid description of Operation Entebbe ... Read More

 United Nations Report Causes Outrage

This week another United Nations report has proved highly controversial. ... Read More

 Two States or One?

Donald Trump no longer wants the USA committed to a two-state solution ... Read More

 ‘Pledge for Peace’ Lobby

On Wednesday 25th January 2017 around 170 people took part in a lobby of Parliament ... Read More

 Battle over UNSC Resolution 2334

Many in the USA and elsewhere are unhappy with behaviour at the UN ... Read More

 Why Israel is positive about Trump

Mike Huckabee explains why many Israelis are looking forward to Donald Trump taking office ... Read More

 An UNhappy Resolution

A UNESCO resolution on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has sparked much controversy ... Read More

 Brought together by death

The death of Shimon Peres on Wednesday drew tributes from around the world ... Read More

 The Outrageous Demand

Benjamin Netanyahu highlights an uncomfortable fact about the current peace process ... Read More

 ICC team to Visit Israel

Israel has agreed to host a team from the International Criminal Court ... Read More

 Working to change their image

A new generation of young, eloquent pro-Palestinian activists are promoting the BDS movement ... Read More

 Five Steps for Peace

Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a powerful message to Mahmoud Abbas ... Read More

 Talking to Terrorists

Once again a French government official has met representatives of Hezbollah ... Read More

 Historic Day for Israel at the UN

On Monday history was made as Israel won an election to chair the UN Legal Committee ... Read More

 A Stumbling Block on the Path to Peace

Back in February the French launched a new peace initiative that they hoped would help ... Read More

 Middle East Reality Check

Israel`s Ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, is due to speak at the Oxford Union this evening ... Read More

 Not as serious as they should be

The lack of negotiations will not surprise those familiar with the political manoeuvring ... Read More

 No longer secret

Benjamin Netanyahu's response to an offer by Mahmoud Abbas was a secret ... Read More

 Close to reaching a pivotal point

Leaders on both sides face crucial decisions that will determine the prospects for peace. ... Read More

 The Daily Terror in Israel

On Sunday a 21-year old Israeli woman became the 21st Israeli to die in the current wave of attacks ... Read More

 The challenges in mixed communities

The city of Lod has 75,000 inhabitants, 70 percent Jews and 30 percent Arabs ... Read More

 The Reasons for Israel's Failures in Public Diplomacy

The recent announcement of a European boycott of Israeli companies with activities in Judea and Samaria has once again highlight ... Read More