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 Positive Messages on Faith

Last week Theresa May showed herself to be aware of the value of Jewish and Christian groups ... Read More

 Open Letter to the Barnabas Fund

Many who support our work at Christian Friends of Israel have expressed similar concerns ... Read More

 Netanyahu on Minorities in Israel

Earlier this month Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the widespread accusations against Israel ... Read More

 Open Letter to the Iona Community

A letter written in response to the Iona Community`s Position Statement on Israel/Palestine ... Read More

 An UNhappy Resolution

A UNESCO resolution on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has sparked much controversy ... Read More

 Praise from Both Sides

Good news from the Middle East is that praise is offered up to Jesus from both sides ... Read More

 An Amazing Recovery

"All of Israel prayed for me. I`m emotional, I`m a hero, I`m overjoyed." Tzvika Cohen ... Read More

 The complex Israeli reality

People around the world do not understand the complexity of Israel. A new film seeks to change that. ... Read More

 Lobbying against support for terrorists

People from many parts of the UK gathered in Westminster on Wednesday to speak to MPs ... Read More

 Prophetic Warning for Britain

Nation of Britain, I have loved you with a love which has not ceased, despite the state of apostasy ... Read More

 Christians in the Middle East

How much do you know about Christians in the Middle East? ... Read More

 The myth exposed

Father Gabriel Naddaf speaks about his country, Israel, explaining a number of important things ... Read More

 The challenge of the Blood Moon

A lot of interest has arisen in the `blood moon prophecies` ... ... Read More

 Our teams return

Our teams return from New Wine ... Read More

 Your Family Tree

Read Nicky Gumbel's latest entry for 'Bible in One Year' ... Read More

 How to speak to your pastor about Israel

This post is for all of you who believe your pastor(s) don`t have enough of a heart for Israel and you want to talk to them abou ... Read More

 Christians back beleaguered Israel supporters in Exeter

A Friends of Israel group set up by Christians has come to the rescue of Jewish students at Exeter University ... Read More

 Running the Jerusalem Marathon for CFI

Matthew Elwick will be running the Jerusalem Marathon. ... Read More

 A Response to World Vision`s attack on Christian Zionism

Sam Hailes blogs for the Times of Israel ... Read More

 What happens when 3 Christian Pastors visit Israel?

it just changes you... ... Read More

 Understanding the Jewish people in God's economy

Interview with Dr Kendall Soulen Pt 1 &2 ... Read More

 Why Does Your Creed have Cows in It?

"I saw religion as a list of doctrinal bullet points to be affirmed. But as I started learn about the Bible`s Hebraic context .. ... Read More

 Why Israel matters to me even if I`m not Jewish

I have a personal stake in Israel. I inhabit what Paul van Buren called `the Jewish-Christian reality,` a mental territory that ... Read More

 Rev Nicky Gumbel interviews Israeli Ambassador

Must-watch clip of Rev Nicky Gumbel interviewing Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub. ... Read More

 Understanding the Jewish people in God's economy

Check out this interview with Dr Kendall Soulen ... Read More