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 Open Letter to the Barnabas Fund

Many who support our work at Christian Friends of Israel have expressed similar concerns ... Read More

 Netanyahu on Minorities in Israel

Earlier this month Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the widespread accusations against Israel ... Read More

 Open Letter to the Iona Community

A letter written in response to the Iona Community`s Position Statement on Israel/Palestine ... Read More

 Two States or One?

Donald Trump no longer wants the USA committed to a two-state solution ... Read More

 Anti-Semitism increasing in the UK

The Community Security Trust recorded 1,309 anti-Semitic incidents around the UK in 2016 ... Read More

 You cannot stand aside and do nothing

Says the Deputy Surgeon General of the IDF Medical Corps, regarding Syrian refugees ... Read More

 Hamas accused of stealing millions in aid

Israel`s Shin Bet security service claims that Hamas siphoned off `tens of millions of dollars` ... Read More

 Working to change their image

A new generation of young, eloquent pro-Palestinian activists are promoting the BDS movement ... Read More

 Something not widely reported

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has made a reluctant admission ... Read More

 The search for a place of refuge

Hundreds of thousands are seeking somewhere safe to live ... ... Read More

 The Real Palestinian Refugee Problem

Clifford D. May unpacks the tricky subject of Palestinian refugees. ... Read More

 The Truth About The Refugees

Watch this video about the West Bank and Refugees ... Read More