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 ‘Pledge for Peace’ Lobby

On Wednesday 25th January 2017 around 170 people took part in a lobby of Parliament ... Read More

 Four Killed in Jerusalem Truck Attack

The deadliest attack in more than a year of violence took place in Jerusalem on Sunday ... Read More

 Battle over UNSC Resolution 2334

Many in the USA and elsewhere are unhappy with behaviour at the UN ... Read More

 Recovering from many fires

Israel is now entering into the recovery phase after the outbreak of many fires last week ... Read More

 An UNhappy Resolution

A UNESCO resolution on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has sparked much controversy ... Read More

 Brought together by death

The death of Shimon Peres on Wednesday drew tributes from around the world ... Read More

 The Outrageous Demand

Benjamin Netanyahu highlights an uncomfortable fact about the current peace process ... Read More

 Tensions Rise again on Temple Mount

Groups of Israelis have been accused of `storming` the Al Aqsa Mosque compound ... Read More

 Israeli Medics Treat Terrorists Too

Captain in the Benjamin Regional Brigade describes some of their dangerous work: ... Read More

 A Genuine Desire for Justice?

On Thursday the UN Security Council condemned the Tel Aviv terrorist attack ... Read More

 The Enduring Pain

Today for Israel was a day of remembrance for their fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism ... Read More

 Blessings flow amid the tensions

The tense atmosphere at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem continued on Monday ... Read More

 Security Preferred to Sacrifice

The IDF have imposed a general closure on the West Bank and Gaza ... Read More

 No longer secret

Benjamin Netanyahu's response to an offer by Mahmoud Abbas was a secret ... Read More

 Controversy, violence and statistics

Controversy continues to rage over an Israeli soldier killing a Palestinian assailant ... Read More

 UN Secretary General challenged

Micah Lakin: "Condemn the murder of my father ... ... Read More

 An Appalling Attack

His attacker worked in the same shopping centre and was known to Tzvika ... Read More

 Contrasts in Consolation

On Wednesday there was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem that has Israeli leaders concerned ... Read More

 The Dangerous State of Facebook

"The most dangerous nation in the Middle East acting against Israel is the State of Facebook." ... Read More

 Close to reaching a pivotal point

Leaders on both sides face crucial decisions that will determine the prospects for peace. ... Read More

 The Daily Terror in Israel

On Sunday a 21-year old Israeli woman became the 21st Israeli to die in the current wave of attacks ... Read More

 Living in the midst of violence

The BBC interview four young women living in Jerusalem. ... Read More

 Sharon Sanders tour under way

The tour started with an evening service at Welcome Baptist Church in Heathfield ... Read More

 Rising frustrations among Israel`s leaders

Amidst escalating violence Israel`s leaders are becoming increasingly frustrated by the false accusations made against them. ... Read More

 The value of atonement

... whilst happiness is highly desirable, it is important to consider what its true source is. ... Read More