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 Positive Messages on Faith

Last week Theresa May showed herself to be aware of the value of Jewish and Christian groups ... Read More

 United Nations Report Causes Outrage

This week another United Nations report has proved highly controversial. ... Read More

 Open Letter to the Barnabas Fund

Many who support our work at Christian Friends of Israel have expressed similar concerns ... Read More

 Open Letter to the Iona Community

A letter written in response to the Iona Community`s Position Statement on Israel/Palestine ... Read More

 Anti-Semitism increasing in the UK

The Community Security Trust recorded 1,309 anti-Semitic incidents around the UK in 2016 ... Read More

 Four Killed in Jerusalem Truck Attack

The deadliest attack in more than a year of violence took place in Jerusalem on Sunday ... Read More

 Battling Anti-Semitism on Campus

A British university should pay a student £3,000 in compensation ... Read More

 Anti-Semitic Violence at UK Universities

There is growing concern over the use of anti-Semitic violence to prevent free speech ... Read More

 An UNhappy Resolution

A UNESCO resolution on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has sparked much controversy ... Read More

 The Outrageous Demand

Benjamin Netanyahu highlights an uncomfortable fact about the current peace process ... Read More

 The greatest smear campaign in history?

Uncomfortable truths lie behind these attacks ... Read More

 Another Deception in the Media War

Claims that a Jewish rabbi has given Jewish settlers permission `to poison water sources` ... Read More

 A Genuine Desire for Justice?

On Thursday the UN Security Council condemned the Tel Aviv terrorist attack ... Read More

 The Struggle with anti-Semitism

The Labour Party now finds itself in serious difficulties ... Read More

 Controversy, violence and statistics

Controversy continues to rage over an Israeli soldier killing a Palestinian assailant ... Read More

 UN Secretary General challenged

Micah Lakin: "Condemn the murder of my father ... ... Read More

 Anti-Semitic Bias in the Media

'Save The Westí have published a documentary analysing The Huffington Postís coverage ... Read More

 An Appalling Attack

His attacker worked in the same shopping centre and was known to Tzvika ... Read More

 Lobbying against support for terrorists

People from many parts of the UK gathered in Westminster on Wednesday to speak to MPs ... Read More

 No discriminating against WTO members

Cabinet Minister Matthew Hancock announced new guidance for public authorities today ... Read More

 Contrasts in Consolation

On Wednesday there was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem that has Israeli leaders concerned ... Read More

 The Dangerous State of Facebook

"The most dangerous nation in the Middle East acting against Israel is the State of Facebook." ... Read More

 Accused of targeting Palestinian children

Today the Jerusalem Post reports on an international campaign being conducted against Israel ... Read More

 An irrational and excessive bashing of Israel

Wednesday 11th November was not just a day for remembering the members of armed forces ... Read More

 Most in a survey view Israel as UK ally

43 percent in a survey objected to Israel being singled out for boycotts ... Read More