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 Shame on London Streets

Leader of Al Quds Day march in London being investigated by Met Police for hate crimes. ... Read more

 A Busy Month

The month of May was a busy one for CFI UK. ... Read more

 Jerusalem Day 2017

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explains the way that Jewish people feel about the City of Jerusalem ... Read more

 The BBC does listen

What is most troubling about this is not the delay of almost two weeks in correcting ... Read more

 “God had worked extra hours!”

On 3rd May more than 60 people were treated to a vivid description of Operation Entebbe ... Read more

 Israel’s Perspective on Holot

Further enquiries about Holot received the following response from the Israeli Government. ... Read more

 Emotional Acts of Remembrance

A variety of events around the world mark Yom HaShoah ... Read more

 Positive Messages on Faith

Last week Theresa May showed herself to be aware of the value of Jewish and Christian groups ... Read more

 More Unexpected Discoveries

Archaeology in the Middle East continues to reveal the truth of the Bible and a rich history ... Read more

 United Nations Report Causes Outrage

This week another United Nations report has proved highly controversial. ... Read more

 Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Major news outlets seem reluctant to mention the source of recent medical breakthroughs ... Read more

 Netanyahu on Minorities in Israel

Earlier this month Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the widespread accusations against Israel ... Read more

 Open Letter to the Iona Community

A letter written in response to the Iona Community`s Position Statement on Israel/Palestine ... Read more

 Two States or One?

Donald Trump no longer wants the USA committed to a two-state solution ... Read more

 Israel under Attack on Three Sides

Over the last few days Israel has suffered attacks from three different groups of their neighbours ... Read more