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Livin` The Life

Author: Steve Maltz

Product code: B487

To move forward in our faith we really need to go back to the very begining.

A simple faith in the risen Jesus has become a multi-faceted worldwide organisation, with structures and hierarchies and thousands of different expressions and textures.  It is surely not too late to re-evaluate everything we think and do in the name of our Jewish Messiah.  This book shows us that there can be another way to LIVE LIFE ...  for those with an open mind and a teachable spirit.

Using tools developed over the last few years in a series of ground breaking books, Steve Maltz re-examines a wide spectrum of what we think and how we act as followers of Jesus Christ.  To move forward in our faith we really need to go back to the very begining..

About the Author

Steve Maltz

A freelance web consultant, writer, blogger and the founder of Saffron Planet, the Christian web radio initiative. He is married with three sons and two freeloading cats and lives in East London.